Rich Guzzi on Access Hollywood

Comic hypnotist Rich Guzzi is on a mission to get 100,000 people to quit their smoking addiction.

For Guzzi, the goal of the “Start Joking! Stop Smoking!” tour stems from a painful experience. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of his father’s death. While en route to a hospital, he said his father died due to smoking-related heart disease. This left Rich to complete the painful 20 minute drive to the hospital, with his departed dad at his side.

Guzzi believes that between his live comedy shows bringing awareness to the viability of hypnosis as a tool to better people’s lives and the Internet, he can utilize his skills to permanently affect 100,000 Americans, over 365 days, to kick the smoking habit. “It’s a chance to honor my father’s legacy and help others be responsible for their actions through hypnotic direction,” Guzzi said.

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