How long does it take to get the DVD of the Show?

It takes 2-3 weeks after the show to process and make the DVD’s.  Therefore your DVD will be mailed out 2-3 weeks after the show date via USPS first class.


It’s been 4 weeks and I still haven’t received my DVD of the show?

Sometimes (not very often) the DVD’s do get lost in the mail.  Just send us an e-mail at [email protected] with the name and address you put on the mailing label at the show and we’ll make sure you get it. If you could also send the name of the comedy club you attended, that is very helpful.


How do I get the directions for using the “Discover the Power” programs I bought at the show or on the website?

The direction are right here on the website under “YOU” Page on the right hands side


When I started listening to the weight loss cd, it said something about not using a copied cd.  I would like to put this on my ipod so it would be more convenient to listen to.  Would this work?

Yes, you can download all the CD programs on your IPOD or MP3 player and it will be just as effective.


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis manages to change the way your brain interprets experiences. Hypnosis can change your perceptions, your thoughts, your behaviors and your feelings. A hypnotic state is a deep level of concentration. You will be extremely focused and pay attention to everything the hypnotist says while tuning out everything else going on around you including the audience. You will still be able to hear and see everything Once you are hypnotized you become extremely suggestible. It is at this point that the hypnotist introduces new ideas and commands to you. Those ideas or commands are absorbed by your subconscious mind. While your conscious mind might ordinarily object to, is easily transmitted into your mind. Now your subconscious mind accepts the suggestions and/or ideas. Your conscious mind is where you analyze and criticize. You also can judge and reject ideas. But under hypnosis your subconscious mind is in control and your conscious mind is out to lunch so you absorb the information being presented to you without questioning it. That is why the people on stage do what the hypnotist tells them and why hypnosis is so effective with stop smoking, losing weight, pain management etc.


What is the Difference between Meditation & Hypnosis?

In meditation, the motivation is to focus on yourself with no particular goal in mind. The process of meditation is that you enter an altered state and then focus on yourself. During hypnosis, your motivation is to focus on something outside of yourself with the goal in mind to enjoy the new behavior. As you enter the altered state you receive suggestions. In hypnosis you get to the meditative state and then go deeper where you can do some work on yourself by changing a thought, idea or behavior. In meditation you simply stay in the meditative state.


Will I quack like a duck?

Yes, if you’re in a really bad hypnosis show. In a quality hypnosis show the participants will be asked to do fun, good natured things such as speak in a foreign language, forget things or even lose body parts.


I don’t think I was really hypnotized but just playing along on stage?

I get this response a lot. You don’t go deaf and dumb when you get hypnotized, you actually become hyper aware. You enter a state where you follow the directions of the hypnotist. You still hear and know what’s going on, it just sounds like a good idea so you do it.

Here is an e-mail I received from Julie in Sioux Falls:

“I really enjoyed watching the DVD of the X-rated show at Nitwits in Sioux Falls. The entire time I was on stage, I really believed I was “faking” it, because I remember everything as it happened, and I also had thoughts that were sort of contrary to what I actually did. When I saw the video I realized that I was behaving much the same as the others and was truly surprised.”


How did you get started in hypnosis?

When I was 12 years old I read a book. There was a guy I played football with and he kept dropping the football so we decided to hypnotize him.  It worked and he fell into the bushes. We made him cluck like a chicken and goofy stuff like that. I kept practicing, but really never did anything with it. Even as a Comedian I never thought I could make a living at it and then one day the opportunity came up and I started doing the hypnosis show. Today I am a Certified Hypnotherapist.


What book did you read?

I don’t remember, but a good book to start with is “The Idiot’s Guide to Hypnosis.” You can get it on Amazon for a good price.


Why do I have to listen to your programs for 28 days in a row?

It takes 28 days to change a habit and create a new habit.


Why couldn’t I get hypnotized on stage?

It could be a number of things – you might have had to pee, the person next to you was up there messing around, your friends and/or audience members could have been laughing or been loud and it was distracting. This doesn’t mean you can’t be hypnotized. Remember, it is a show and there is only so much time to get everyone put into hypnosis so I have to go with the best subjects under these circumstances. Every time you try it gets easier. Don’t give up.


If you didn’t find the answer please e-mail us with your question at [email protected]