Visani in Port Charlotte Florida

I have just finished an amazing week at Visani in Port Charlotte Florida.  It was my third time here this year and we were I would say about 100 seats shy of selling every seat to every show for the entire years run. NOT BAD!

I’m not going to take all of the credit though. Mark, the owner of the club which is a Comedy Zone, runs a great operation and has killer food. So good that I am allergic to almost all of it but still ate there every night. They have the best chicken parmesan I have ever had and at an amazing price.

The stand out for the week would have to be the guy who puked on stage during the smell bit on Saturday Nights Show. It was totally unavoidable mind you. I usually can catch them before they hurl by yelling “You’re not going to get sick” but this was basically him spewing as soon as he opened his eyes. The crowd roared with laughter as it was quite evident that this hypnosis stuff is totally real.

This is my new updated web site. I hope you like it as it has been two years in the making. Did I ever mention that I have terrible luck with web guys? It has a great content delivery system and ability to load things easily, even by a dummy like me so there will be lots of new stuff every week. Check it all out, send it to your friends and please tell me about anything that is not working properly or that you think would make the user experience even better.

My fans are the most important thing to me and It has always been my goal to be more connected to them. I think this new web site will be the tool that I have been looking for and have painstakingly created everything here for that purpose.

2015 looks like it is going to be the year. I have some amazing things going on right now and have great people who have been helping to make that all possible. I am very happy to have all of you be part of it.  I will be recording a new episode of my podcast on Monday January 4th and it will be available the next day. So don’t miss it and all of the other exciting things going on.

See you soon.


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