New FIT AT FIFTY Instagram

I have decided to start documenting my quest to become FIT AT FIFTY with my new Instagram Account.  When I turned 50 I went for the full body checkup and came away with the knowledge that I was in pretty poor physical condition. About 35% body fat in fact and I felt and looked terrible. I then took action by joining the gym and got injured 3 workouts in. It took me a year of going to the gym to get in decent enough shape to even work out. I know that sounds stupid but it was that bad.  Anyway, here I am three years later and my body fat as of Friday was 18.7%   I’m not in tip top shape but I think I’m at least in ‘tip”  My schedule still takes me on the road for upwards of 300 shows a year and now I started traveling internationally too with Carnival Cruise Lines so finding the right foods to eat and a place to train can be challenging to say the least. By keeping this Instagram account as say a journal of sorts I figured it would be a good way to keep motivated and strict as well as be a positive influence on others.  You can check it out here   If I’m ever in your town and you would like to train, I would love to hook up with you at the gym.  Be well!

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