ICBCH Hypnosis Training Certification Course

Do you want to learn how to hypnotize? Get hypnotist certification training? And help others?

January 21-23, 2019


The ICBCH Hypnosis Training Course is the best way to complete hypnotist certification.  This course is offered in a three-day live training workshop and combined with online learning courses.  It is a multi-media program with video training, audios and academic textbooks.

When you complete the ICBCH (International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists) Hypnotist Certification course:

  • You will understand what hypnosis is and it’s benefits
  • You will be able to safely hypnotize other people
  • You will know how to structure suggestions in a meaningful way, to help clients benefit from hypnosis
  • You will learn about clinical approaches and how to build your business

This Course will be taught by Jolana Andre – a ICBCH Certified Trainer and Certified Hypnotist Rich Guzzi.

This course is limited to 20 participants so act fast and secure your spot.


The normal retail price of this training is $2497 


Plus, as a BONUS you will also receive 3 months of coaching calls to make sure you have all the knowledge you will need to succeed:

  • Coach you on how to use the additional online multi-media training resources
  • How to book your first sessions and turn them into clients
  • Getting the best results for your clients and gaining referral business
  • How to Ethically Get Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace to Love YOU and want to be Hypnotized by YOU!

This is usually only available for our full time coaching program members

Normal Retail Price of the BONUS  $497 per month – $1491




+ $1491

= $3988     

You Can Get It ALL For Only $997 

You Get This Entire New System – A Brand New Way of Life AND
Here is How YOU Can do it for FREE
You get $1000 of Rich’s DISCOVER THE POWER Programs for Weight Loss and Stop Smoking at the end of the 3rd day
Simply Sell the programs and you are already EVEN!   If you only hypnotize people for practice the first month after your training and just sold them a program you got the training for FREE!
  1. You get a receipt for Continuing Education
  2. You see your first 3 full clients and it pays you back – Think about it for a second.  You help just 3 people you know, quit smoking, lose weight or just sleep better and you’re already even.  You see your first 6 full clients and it pays you back DOUBLE!
  3. Look at the LIFETIME value of what YOU could make

There are only 20 spots available for this Amazing Opportunity


Your journey to the world of hypnosis & your ICBCH Hypnotist Certification begins with our live workshop on January 21-23, 2019 in Nashville for ONLY  $997



Start your journey into the fun and rewarding career of hypnosis.

  • This is a business that you can do in your spare time without having to hire any employees or even rent an office.
  • Have the freedom of being your own boss. Only see as many clients as you feel you have time for.
  • By helping others, you will be recognized as a leader in your community.
  • The ability to earn extra income and having the peace of mind knowing you do not have to leave your present employment until you are ready to go all in.
  • Have more time to spend with family and friends. In fact, they will soon be one of your main sources of new clients once the word gets out of your hypnotic success with others
  • Gain more control over your life with the added flexibility and income being generated
  • Being identified as a business owner will make other business owners want to work with you.


Have More Questions?

Each session begins at 10:00 am sharp and goes until around 7:00 pm

If you would like more information please email us at [email protected] or call us at 310-740-4667

Meals, Hotel and travel Information:

Fly into Nashville international Airport  BNA – Southwest has direct flights from about 70 major cities.

If you need transport to and from the airport just let us know and we will pick you up.


Most hotels will serve breakfast till 10 AM

All other meals will be prepared by our private chef at the training facility. Please let us know about any special needs.


Book your hotel in White House, TN which is off Interstate 65 exit 108 and only minutes from our training facility.

There are 6 Area hotel including Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express and more; the nicest one is the Hampton by Hilton

Hampton by Hilton       615-672-3993    404 Hester Drive     

Holiday Inn Express    615-672- 7200   206 Knight Cir

Quality Inn                    615-672-7000    354 Hester Drive

Motel 6                         615-672-8850    340 Hester Drive

Comfort Inn                 615-581-0040    140 Maiden Lane



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