NGH Hypnosis Certification Course & Conference

Want to Become a Certified Hypnotist? I have a special offer – I am part of the Heartland Hypnosis Conference which includes the NGH Hypnosis Certification Course & Workshops  in St. Louis, MO April 23-29 , 2018 What does all this mean? … Continued


OK. If you’re ready to kick it into high gear. I am too. Become a Rich Guzzi SUPER FAN and get fantastic RICH REWARDS that can get your life to the next level. Plus, do it in a fun and … Continued

New FIT AT FIFTY Instagram

I have decided to start documenting my quest to become FIT AT FIFTY with my new Instagram Account.  When I turned 50 I went for the full body checkup and came away with the knowledge that I was in pretty … Continued


Visani in Port Charlotte Florida

I have just finished an amazing week at Visani in Port Charlotte Florida.  It was my third time here this year and we were I would say about 100 seats shy of selling every seat to every show for the … Continued